Biophysical Chemistry

Research Group of Karin Hauser

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Protein folding, misfolding and aggregation

  • Protein stability
  • Folding mechanisms and pathways
  • Conformational dynamics of peptides
  • Residue-specific resolution using site-directed isotopic labeling
  • Amide I spectroscopy

Functional properties of proteins

  • Photoreceptor dynamics and membrane interaction
  • Ion transport and energy transduction of P-Type ATPases
  • Protein electrostatics; coupled ionization and conformational changes; pK-calculations
  • Control of the heme redox potentials; pH dependence of heme electrochemistry

Molecular systems

  • beta-hairpin and alpha-helical peptides
  • PolyQ peptides and PolyQ proteins
  • alpha-synuclein
  • Outer membrane proteins
  • Photoreceptors
  • P-Type ATPases


  • Infrared spectroscopy; development of time-resolved techniques
  • Laser-IR spectroscopy using tunable quantum cascade lasers
  • Laser-excited temperature- and pH-jump
  • Static, rapid-scan, step-scan FTIR; stopped-flow FTIR; ATR-FTIR; SEIRA
  • Reaction-induced difference spectroscopy
  • Computational biophysics, electrostatics