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Joint Meeting of the British and German Biophysical Society - 21-23 March 2013 - Hünfeld, Germany

"Function, Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules"

Welcome to the website of the Joint Meeting of the British and German Biophysical Society, organized by the section "Molecular Biophysics" of the German Biophysical Society together with the British Biophysical Society.

The meeting entitled "Function, Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules" wants to feature an exciting programme across a wide range of areas and techniques in molecular biophysics. It is intended to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians, method developments and applications. The meeting comprises 80-100 participants and aims to provide an overview of recent developments and a platform for lively discussions and future collaborations.

- Protein Folding, Dynamics and Aggregation
- Photosynthesis and Photoreceptors
- Membrane Proteins and Membrane Transport
- Ion Channels, Pumps and Molecular Machines
- Enzymes and Catalysis
- Protein-Protein and Membrane-Protein Interaction
- Electron and Proton Transfer, Bioenergetics
- Peptides
- DNA Function and Damage
- Life Cell Imaging
- Novel Techniques (Exp. & Theory)

Plenary lectures will be given by invited speakers from the UK and Germany. Young researchers are particularly encouraged to submit their abstracts, as approximately half of all talks will be selected from the abstract submissions. All other participants will have the opportunity to present their work during the poster session.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Paola Borri (Cardiff), Jane Clarke (Cambridge), Richard Cogdell (Glasgow), Frank Gunn-Moore (St. Andrews), David Klug (London), Marina Kuimova (London), Mark Leake (Oxford), Tom McLeish (Durham), Adrian Mulholland (Bristol), Mark Sansom (Oxford), David Wales (Cambridge), Anthony Watts (Oxford)

Rainer Böckmann (Erlangen), Marcus Elstner (Karlsruhe), Karim Fahmy (Dresden), Clemens Glaubitz (Frankfurt), Bert de Groot (Göttingen), Thomas Kiefhaber (München), Maria Andrea Mroginski (Berlin), Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff (Osnabrück), Gerhard Stock (Freiburg), Andreas Zumbusch (Konstanz)



The  conference will be held from 21-23 March 2013 in the Hünfeld Monastery.
Registration and abstract deadline: 1 February 2013
More information: see left margin.

Organization committee: Anthony Watts (University of Oxford) and Karin Hauser (University of Konstanz)

Supported by:

  University of Konstanz


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